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Seconds to Save Lives

Mexico experiences one of the highest levels of seismic activity in the world.

Last September, another earthquake hit the country. Despite the existing alert systems, hundreds of people died without being warned on time.

Sigfox Foundation and its technological partners are strongly working on a new seismic alert solution, with the goal to saves more lives.

Not enough seismic sensors

After weeks of investigation, we now have a clear overview of existing devices to detect seismic activity. In fact, Mexico counts with roughly 400 sensors to analyze earthquakes.

The National Seismological Service (SSN) counts with seismographers that register and record in real time all seismic activity and cost between 20,000 and 30,000 USD each.

Also, the CIRES (Centro de Instrumentación y Registro Sísmico) counts with just over 100 sensors to alert one part of the population (SASMEX).

The limited amount of sensors, the high cost or each one of them, and the restricted coverage of the seismic alert demonstrate an urgent need to enhance the system in order to save more lives in the future.

Sesonds To Save Lives is about to build a new solution to better prevent from earthquakes, based on the detection, the alert, and the forecast.

Enhanced Seismic Alert System: Detect, Alert, Forecast

1- Mass production and country-wide deployment of low-cost IoT sensors to collect more seismic data

2- Distribution of a geo-localized alert with higher penetration of population, based on cloud-based data processing

3- Generation of data models by using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to forecast seismic events and prevent risk



We at Sigfox Foundation are looking for the best partners to get results, with an open-minded view of impact. We are surrounded by 42SILICON VALLEY and a team of talented coders to work on the algorithm. We also collaborate with the “Before The Big One” group, a team of French data scientists based in California. The group wants to help us on the prediction of earthquakes.


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