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Now Rhinos Speak

Save the Rhinos estimates that there were 500,000 rhinos across Africa and Asia at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the group says, there are 29,000 rhinos in the wild. Poaching and loss of habitat have put all rhino species in danger of extinction.

We want to STOP the genocide of rhinos, with the POWER of Internet Of Things, a scalable solution for rangers to track and protect rhinos in a very different way.
Sigfox Foundation have been developing for the last 8 month a new monitoring and anti-poaching system in Africa. But we don't work alone. Indeed, the support and the help of many Sigfox engineers and rhinos protectors on the field gave us the opportunity to go faster in this testing phase.

The devices

The device that have been developed is a small GPS-based with an accelerometer that sends the rhinos' positions few times a day using Sigfox Network. We have been working closely with the teams on the fields to get a better understanding of their needs and to code this logic in the device.



A team of 5 people went to Africa to deploy 3 Sigfox Base Stations to listen to the messages send by the devices. The Base Stations use solar energy and communicate to Sigfox Cloud with satellite connectivity thanks to our partner Eutelsat.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing - it is such very
exciting to have this data coming in. I look forward to showing it to our
rhino monitors - they are going to be blown away to see their rhinos
positions mapped out like this.”
-Feedback from a conservationist.

With the low-power Sigfox network, we now can easily connect small GPS trackers, giving long term information with a high level of security.

We definitely simplify the tracking and the monitoring of endangered species, and we will give back safety. Resurrection is now possible!

Monitoring Platform

In parallel, we have been developing a monitoring platform to help the conservationists to monitor the rhinos. Through this application, they can easily locate the rhinos' positions and send rangers in their area. They can download the rhinos data to get a better understanding of their behaviour.


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