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Now Rhinos Speak

"There is a hope to save rhinos", says conservationist and Goldman Prize Winner Raoul du Toit.

The challenge

According to WWF report, 60% of wildlife has disappeared in the last 40 years.

Three rhinos are killed in Africa every day for their horns.

Our response

With the “Now Rhinos Speak” project, we partnered with rhinos’ experts and conservationists to equip the mammals with our rhino tracking solution, to better monitor and protect them.

This solution relies on three pillars

The GPS tracker: with small enough dimensions to be implanted inside the rhino’s horn, it sends 1 to 3 GPS signals a day. The design and the battery allow for a three-years lifespan at an estimated cost of €50 (less than $60). This feature makes the tracker much less intrusive than others with minimal human intervention required.

The web platform: all the rhinos equipped with a tracker are displayed on a map. The care givers and rangers have a direct and daily access to the rhinos before they go on a patrol. It also allows them to remotely monitor them and to receive alerts when the rhinos get too close to the reserve’s boundaries.

The “0G” Sigfox network: it is a global network dedicated to small messages to transmit life-saving information. Sigfox "0G" network is used to receive the data from the rhino's horn and to transmit it to the web platform.

Proof Of Concept and field results

The tracking solution is a prototype at this stage and was tested on a small population of rhinos. These rhinos have been sending their GPS location every day for the last three years.

The reserve where we conduct the project is equipped with three antennas covering more than 3,000 square kilometers in the wild.

Natasha Anderson, Rhino conservationist:

Raoul du Toit, Rhino Conservationist and Goldman Prize Award winner : "I don't thing rhinos will go extinct".

Next steps towards making the solution public

Based on the feedback collected during the last 3 years, we are in the process of completing the R&D work and will soon be ready to implant the industrialized version of our prototypes at the beginning of the summer 2019 and produce 100 devices for a first batch.

Following field validation from our partner for these industrialized trackers, we will release the solution publicly, so that any community, NGO, project leader, can leverage the R&D effort and accelerate positive impact.

How to support us?

You can help by supporting our crowdfunding campaign. All donations will be used to distribute the GPS trackers to NGOs for free.

Our ambition is to connect 10% of the world’s remaining rhino population and help conservationists protect endangered species, particularly females to ensure reproduction can continue.

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Preserving biodiversity is everyone of us responsibility!

Thank you

Marion Moreau