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Now Rhinos Speak

"There is a hope to save rhinos", says conservationist and Goldman Prize Winner Raoul du Toit.

We at Sigfox Foundation imagine and create effective solutions to contribute to save the rhinos. Using the low power Sigfox network and connected objects - we first have rolled out 3 Sigfox base stations fully working in autonomy, covering a confidential conservancy area with the long range radio network.

1 - Tracking System :

Partnering with a group of rhinos experts, We have created a new tracking system to help rangers to better monitor the animals, at remote. We so have prototyped a small tracker giving 3 GPS signals per day, installed in the horn of adult black and white rhinos.

This prototyped device has been made to be less intrusive ( from 1 to 5 years of battery autonomy) and, is estimated at around 50 dollars per unit.

What we are no looking for is to make a 100 devices production, giving to device manufacturers the specifications, at lowest price to equip a maximum of rhinos.

Natasha Anderson, rhino conservationist :

2- Park monitoring

The second goal of the Now Rhinos Speak mission is to get key informations from the field, using other types of sensors to warn local rangers of what's happening : fences and gates openings first. 

We need funding to deploy the existing sensors in the area. Please support and help the conservationists in their effort to keep rhinos alive :  

Raoul du Toit, Rhino Conservationist and Goldman Prize Award winner : " I don't thing rhinos will go extinct"

Alain, Christophe, Louis, Nicolas, Patrick: Rhinos lovers installing the Sigfox network, November 2016.

Now Rhinos Speak

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