Sigfox Foundation

Founded in France in 2010, Sigfox has led its mission to connect the planet with a low power, global, seamless network capable of digitizing the physical world, revolutionizing the interaction of humans with their environments.

Sigfox technology is based on a long-range radio communication, entirely dedicated to make any object to communicate with a strong energy predictability, extracting and transporting very small messages (12 bytes) : GPS position, temperature, movement, vibration .... The technology has been designed to make any object to be connected to Internet, and to generate a high valuable data.

Sigfox is now being used by major industries ( Total, DHL, PSA/IBM, LVMH...) to track assets worldwide, and strongly optimizing their supply chain. It is also used for monitoring and as a back up connectivity service.

The Sigfox network, based on a simple and light infrastructure, is now deployed in more than 65 countries, the largest network of the "Internet of Things", supported by one the largest ecosystem: object manufacturers, modules makers, software players, startups ...

From the inception, Sigfox has placed its social responsibility at the heart of its mission. The company is promoting the creation of a new global standard: a "0G" network, a public service of communication available anytime, anywhere, to gratify to the future generations a more sustainable and reliable Connected World.

Sigfox Core Features

Long range

City : 2-10 km

Rural : up to 100km ( depending on the topography)

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Low energy

12 bytes messages

No roaming, no pairing

Autonomy and power efficiency up to 15 years

Low Cost

Sigfox operates its network on ISM band

Very low cost modules (< $2)

Top Secure

Encrypted messages

High resilience to jamming