Sigfox Foundation

Our Mission

Ground-breaking research to save lives made available to all, creating an impact globally.

Our mission is to conceive very low-cost solutions, working in total autonomy and able to produce lifesaving data.
We aim at publishing these solutions in the public domain so that any NGO or community can use them freely and amplify the impact globally.
To achieve this mission, Sigfox Foundation relies on the global "0G" Sigfox network.
The Sigfox Foundation uses the Internet of Things to act on urgent causes with three priorities: protect the biodiversity, health and foster social ties.




About Sigfox Foundation

Sigfox Foundation has been registered under the name of “Sigfox For Action”, an Endowment Fund independent from Sigfox aiming “to collect and manage, by capitalizing them, the property and rights of any kind provided to it, free of charge and irrevocably, for the purpose of directly or indirectly carrying out or supporting any action of general interest, contributing to the protection of the environment, nature and living beings (human life and animal species), in the field of health, contributing to fostering social ties”.