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Seismic alert

Mexico is facing a major seismic risk, such as that of 1985 which has killed more than 10,000 people.

The problem : too late to prevent

Current devices deployed are not effective to prevent the population from an imminent earthquake. These are often expensive, and it drives a lot of contraints to be massively densified.

As a consequence, the seismic detection system does not cover the full territory, the geolocalization of the epicenter is rough and several areas that can potentially be affected are not being alerted.

The answer : a new seismic alert system based on low power sensors

The issue is to better get weak signals through a large density of sensors, better refining and analysing the data collected from sensors. What is expected is to transform this data into an alert.

Sigfox Foundation, using the low power and long range Sigfox network, is going to develop a new seismic alert system, based on :
– Low power sensors
– Specific algorithm
– SMS alert based on real time and geolocated data

This project is a Mexican-French collaboration between Sigfox/IoTnet Mexico (network), 42 Silicon Valley (algorithm, hardware), XBrain (predictive analysis) and Mexican Seismology institutions.

The needs

Sigfox Foundation needs funding to support the R&D:

Sigfox Foundation