Sigfox Foundation

COMNAP Annual General Meeting

Sigfox and its Antarctica Mission

The Antarctic continent is essential to the future of our planet. it is even more affected by global warming than the antarctic peninsula is one of the country where warming has been the fastest: more than 3°C over the last 50 years.

The COMNAP Congress, gathering the 60 National Commitees engaged in an Antarctic Program, holds thereby a significant weight and has as main objective a cooperation between all of his members in order to act quickly and efficiently.

Scientists sent overthere have to face temperatures reaching a minimum of between -80 ° C and -90 ° C in the territory.

Equiping them with GPS trackers powered by the SIGFOX network would allow them to save time and to feel safe as the current tracking ways are still expensive.

On the occasion of the COMNAP Annual General Meeting, Sigfox Foundation will hold a speech to introduce which services it delivers in collaboration with SENSOLUS, a startup providing the connected GPS trackers required to track scientists and equipment and Antarctiq charged with logistics.

After massive iceberg twice side of Luxembourg broke away from western Antarctica in the early July, it’s time to act. After having secure a team of 30 belgian researchers based at the Princess Elisabeth station, SIGFOX Foundation seeks to convince other teams of the usefulness of its trackers.

At a later stage, SIGFOX Foundation has strong ambitions and wish to attend other major projects in Antarctica.



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