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Call for contribution


Sigfox Foundation, a non-profit entity using Sigfox network and connected objects to tackle causes, is taking action on the protection of endangered wildlife, especially on rhinos, threatened of exctinction.

Only 27,000 rhinos are left in the world, due to dramatic poaching, and the Sigfox Foundation is fully involved in its protection.

One year ago, we have started a rhino tracking experimentation in Africa. With the support from Sigfox collaborators, and a team of African rhinos conservationists, we rolled out the Sigfox network in a wild area, in the South of Africa. We also prototyped a horn tracker giving daily GPS informations to local rangers.

We now call for help and we want to involve more technical partners to accelerate anti-poaching solutions. We are looking for effective IoT solutions for parks monitoring and zone surveillance.

Advisory Committee

The Sigfox Foundation has federated rhinos experts and African rangers in an Advisory Committee to match monitoring and anti-poaching issues with tech solutions.


The Sigfox Foundation is looking for the best IoT solutions to face poaching issue, in 3 parks located in the South of Africa.
The Sigfox Corporation is involved in the project by giving the connectivity for free.
The Sigfox Foundation is giving technical support and operates the project.

We are today calling for help, in a pro bono way, from partners developing Sigfox solutions to be deployed in the field. We need a batch of 40 devices to be tested, in each applications listed below. The Foundation will bear the shipping costs to Africa.

The Call for Contribution starts the 17th of November and is ending the 15th of December.


2.1. Patrols tracking

Small devices to be carried by rangers on patrol.

Ideally solar powered, stitched to top of cap to track their movements.
This device to ideally have an ALERT mode. So if a ranger does not have a radio he can still activate an alarm signal that shows the control room that he has encountered something that needs a reaction to that GPS position. For instance, the fence guards who patrol the fence do not carry radios but often detect a poaching intrusion where poachers have breached the fence.

Devices to track vehicles. Ideally wired to 12V car electrical system.  Also, maybe some that can be temporarily put on a vehicle with a magnet so that a vehicle using a public road through the conservancy has to have the device attached at one gate and removed at the other, without stopping in between (or else the accelerometer would detect a stop and send a signal).

2.2. Zone surveillance 

Fence alarms. The fence lengths are very long and it is impractical to have lots of sensors on them, every few metres.  So, the big issue that we would need to understand is how far apart these devices could be, how they would be activated and how much (roughly) they would cost.
Possibly, devices that signal whenever a boom gate is lifted.


3.1. Submission

Each partner interested is invited to send an entitled email with « Rhinos/ Call for Contribution» to with suggestion of device/solution.

3.2. Selection

The Sigfox Foundation is asking for a batch of 40 devices minimum.
Each solution listed below will be fully reviewed by The Sigfox Foundation team.
After selection and test, Sigfox Foundation will ship the equipment to the park (location under NDA).

3.3. Trial duration

Period of 6 months of experimentation.
Integration with the data platform developed by the Sigfox Foundation.
Sigfox Foundation and the Advisory Committee will produce an impact report at the end of the trial.


Exact locations under NDA.
Zone 1 ( ETSI Band).
All covered by Sigfox network.


The call for contribution begins Monday the 17th of November, 09am PST and is ending the 15th of December 12pm PST.


6.1. Communication/ Visibility:

The Sigfox Foundation is planning a global communication of the experimentation. As far as we have good performances ( continous GPS locations, battery performances, data…), The Sigfox Foundation will promote the partners involved based on:

– Press releases
– Social media campaign
– Interviews/ Media coverage
– Mentions on the Foundation website

6.2. Trip

After a period of one year successful data logging, the Sigfox Foundation is aiming to manage and support a trip in the areas where the solutions are being deployed.
Further informations to be disclosed.

Let’s save rhinos together!

Thank you for your help!

The Sigfox Foundation Team