Sigfox Foundation

Giving a voice to the vulnerable

Sigfox Foundation is an Impact Fund that acts on urgent causes with three priorities: health, living, and the protection of the planet. 

We use the Sigfox technology and connected sensors to solve major problems, that were to difficult to address before the Internet of Things revolution.

Supported by donors, we design, develop and test low-cost solutions, which demonstrate impact results, with the goal that this impact solution is industrialized by other actors.

Our solutions are based on a feasibility study and a Proof of Concept to validate their viability. It is the prototyping phase that makes it possible to obtain the first results.


To move to the scale of impact, we enter the pre-industrial phase of the tested solution, and we determine the MOQ (minimum of quantity) which sets the cost as low as possible to ensure scalability.
Sigfox Foundation, once the MOQ is reached, publishes the entire solution in order to facilitate its industrialization.

Example: Rhinos tracking in Africa

1- Feasibility study: topographical study, radio planning, specifications, site visits
2- Proof of Concept: prototyping of the solution with 10 GPS sensors estimated at 150 US dollars / unit
3- Quotation and pre-production of 100 GPS trackers
4- Industrial Production: Minimum of Quantity: 1000 GPS trackers, cost: $ 50 / unit
5- Open source publication of the solution

Strategic partnerships

- Sigfox is committed and offers the network for free on the missions of Sigfox Foundation.
- Operator Eutelsat also offers satellite transmission for the various missions.
- XBrain provides its expertise in artificial intelligence.

Funding :

Sigfox Foundation is an Endowment Fund that collects donations to carry out missions.

Project funding Make impact solutions emerge

The funds are used to support the prototyping of the solution, the first sensors, and the industrial phase to achieve the expected results.

Financing of the Fund: Multiply solutions

Sigfox Foundation needs to expand its team to effectively carry out its missions, wherever the cause is urgent.

1995 - 1st wave of positive disruption


2005 - 2nd wave of positive disruption


2015 - 3rd wave of positive disruption


About the Sigfox technology

Sigfox is the largest network dedicated to the Internet of Things

Sigfox, a french startup created in 2010, is rolling out a low cost, low-power and long range global network. The vision of Sigfox is to connect billions of objects, and make things come alive around the globe, giving companies, institutions, governments a new space of informations coming from the physical world.

Connecting everything requires more than high bandwidth. The "Internet of Things" needs an appropriate connectivity to have an amazing potential of data collection. Small messages such as: meter readings, GPS position, temperature, movement, door opening, battery life, part status… 

Sigfox is the LPWAN ( Low Power Wide Area) and the first global cellular network fully dedicated to connected objects. LPWAN technology unleashes the full potential of the internet of everything with disruptive long range, low bandwidth, low power network : 

Supported by local operators around the world, Sigfox is rolling out a light and smart infrastructure based on radio antennas that can listen to billions of ultra-low powered devices broadcasting data. The over-the-air communication service in now available in 36 countries and is the largest « Internet of Things » network. Today more than 300 startups are developing objects connected to the Sigfox network.


Power efficient

Device in sleep mode most of the time

Sensors data (up to 12 bytes)

Few messages per hour or day

Long range

City : 2-10 km

  Rural : up to 100km

Also works indoor

Low cost

From 2€

Meet the team

Director of Sigfox Foundation
Founder and Scientific director of SIGFOX
Founder and CEO of SIGFOX
Project Manager
R&D Engineer


They support us

French actor and filmmaker
French innovator and business executive
Wildlife photographer
Green Journalist & Human Rights Activist
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