Sigfox Foundation

What we do?

Sigfox Foundation is an endowment fund launched by Sigfox co-founders, aiming to tackle humanitarian causes by using Low-powered connected sensors. A weak signal can alert, prevent, anticipating disasters. Long term and massive data is an unexpected knowledge for the living mankind. Our ambition is to protect the environment and the human lives thanks to the cheapest connected sensors, so to be massively deployed in the field. With the help of startups surrounded by the Foundation, and thanks to the support of donors and people involved in our missions, we can produce a tremendous impact. Let’s do it, now!

How it works

Sigfox Foundation is supported by Sigfox Corporation, which invests human and technological resources in the projects. Sigfox Foundation is giving all the best efforts to bootstrap projects (studies, prototyping, call for action, social media campaigns…). After a first prove of concept, we call for financial support to scale, and enlarge the demonstration to produce big impacts.


About the technology

Sigfox is rolling out the first global IoT network to listen to billions of objects broadcasting data, without the need to establish and maintain network connections. This unique approach in the world of wireless connectivity, where there is no signaling overhead, a compact and optimized protocol, and where objects are not attached to the network. Sigfox offers a software based communications solution, where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the Cloud, rather than on the devices. All that together, it drastically reduces energy consumption and costs of connected devices.

Core concepts

Power efficient

Device in sleep mode most of the time

Sensors data (up to 12 bytes)

Few messages per hour or day

Long range

City : 2-10 km

  Rural : up to 100km

Also works indoor

Low cost

From 2€

From 1€/month
To 1€/year


Ongoing missions

Meet the team

Founder and CEO of SIGFOX
Founder and Scientific director of SIGFOX
Director of Sigfox Foundation
Program Manager Junior


They support us

French actor and filmmaker
French innovator and business executive
Wildlife photographer
Green Journalist & Human Rights Activist
Founder of
Founder of X-Brain