Sigfox Foundation

About Sigfox

Sigfox connects the physical world.

Created in 2010, Sigfox is rolling out a unique low cost and low-powered network around the globe. The vision is to digitize the physical world to make everyday objects come alive.

Like a radio telescope listening to tiny signals, Sigfox network is building a global network of antennas that can listen to billions of ultra-low powered devices broadcasting data, and connect these to the internet. The french over-the-air communication service in now available in 36 countries and is the largest « Internet of Things » network surrounding + 300 partners around the world.

The Sigfox Foundation

A new voice for the vulnerable

The two Sigfox co-founders created the Sigfox Foundation (@SigfoxNation) in 2016 which aims to solve different humanitarian causes using the Power of Low - low-powered and low-cost network - on environment and human life issues.


Earthquakes & tsunamis detection
Data collect for climate research
Forest Fires detection

Protection of the living

Wildlife monitoring
Cognitive conservation
Health and safety systems

About the technology

Power efficient

Device in sleep mode most of the time

Sensors data (up to 12 bytes)

Few messages per hour or day

Long range

City : 2-10 km

  Rural : up to 100km

Also works indoor

Low cost

From 2€

Meet the team

Founder and CEO of SIGFOX
Founder and Scientific director of SIGFOX
Director of Sigfox Foundation
Program Manager Junior


They support us

French actor and filmmaker
French innovator and business executive
Wildlife photographer
Green Journalist & Human Rights Activist
Founder of
Founder of X-Brain